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2008-05-19 09:45 pm

Part 3 of China, IL

Here it is, the third installment. "Cruel Duel"

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2008-05-05 02:04 pm

"Romeo and Romeo" a.k.a. "The Funeral"

Part one of Brad Neely's newest four-part Baby Cakes adventure. Check it out!

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2008-04-22 08:52 am

Charlie the Unicorn 2

Yes, after over two years, it is back. Not necessarily as funny as the first, but don't you have to know what happens to Charlie next?

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2008-04-20 03:40 pm

WOW....just WOW!

I want to see this movie! Oh wait, I am living it.

UPDATE: I guess the last one was removed. Check the comments for another version that still works.
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2008-03-11 12:25 pm

The perfect tribute to Gygax.

I love Slate magazine. Here is their tribute to Gygax. I am particularly fond of their description of D&D. Check it out.
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2007-09-15 12:26 pm

Everyone should take the time to watch this.

It is a show called Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq, offered by HBO for free.  It is a series of interviews with ten soldiers who were injured in Iraq. It is a stunning view of the casualties associated with the war, beyond those killed in action.

It is only available online through September 16th, so watch it now.