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Your sister thought you would enjoy this and thus forced me to post. You had better appreciate it, and all the effort it took for me to do this. DAMMIT!

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Yep, looks like I had fit of stooopid and left my account logged in again. God, I'm stoopid.
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I know it has been a while since I last posted. But, I'm sure most of you are used to it by now. I do have a semi reason for the prolonged update however. Some of you already know this news, as it pretains to your lives.

Ok, so about a month or so ago I was sitting in the cafe' talking with one of our customers named Mike. He was asking me what I would be doing back up in Washington. I told him that I was trying to finish my novel to hopefully get it published during the four months or so that I would be up there without needing a job. I also happened to be working on my Kilterton game at the time and said that I'd like to someday try and get it published. He said it sounded like an interesting idea and that if I gave him a one page proposal for it, that he'd show it to some people. I said "Um.....sure, cool!"

So I went about getting the proposal ready and gave it to Mike. It turned out that he owns a product development company. What they do is help ideas get off the ground and become companies. He showed it to his fellow co-workers and they were intrigued. So he came back and told me to give him a sample of the book along with artwork, biographies of the people I wanted to hire, and a synopsis of the product, and he would see about convincing his company to take us on as their next project, and find investors to allow me to start my own GAMING COMPANY!

I promptly called my perspective employees, Jessica, Nathan, Matt, and Paul. I swore them to secrecy, and Nathan and Jess began working on artists porfolios for me. I began to write the 27 page sample of the rule-book and the synopsis. A week and a half later, after Jessi wrote four of the most AWESOME biographies ever and we had completed the needed work, I gave it to Mike. He took it to his guys and they loved it!

One small snag was that the most important individual, for gettig money from the investors, was not sure he could devote the necessary time to our project. He is currently working in Ohio starting a housing development deal, but he was going to look into it. If he was unable to get on board Mike was going to try to pass us off the another PD group, so that we could try and get the money. After two weeks, Mike's view changed. Now he will take us on even if the other guy can't participate. Instead they would try and find another money man, and keep us on as their project.

So that is where we stand at the moment. I will learn on Sunday if Kevin, the money man, is on board. He is currently trying to see if he can work 4 day weeks for the house development, so that he will have enough time. If he is on, then they will go to investors and try and get us $400,000, to start the company.
If he is not in, then they will find someone else to get the money. Whatever happens, the goal is to start around July, give or take!

Everyone sworn to secrecy, you may now blab all you like about this. You can also fill in any details I may have missed.
By the way, "Kilterton" has had a face lift and is now called "Eternum", and we are going to rock the competition!
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Jessi and I had decided the last time the Louisiana public radio station made a pledge drive that we would pledge before we left for Washington. So last night they had another pledge drive and I called in to our favorite annoucer and pledged $100 for each of us. He is really cool. His voice is like liquid, and he has a sarcastic wit. So, after you pledge, they thank you on air. First he said "A big thank you to Andre Segura in Lafayette." Then he says,"And thank you to Jessica Law. Calling in from Lafayette as well." Then he says "Wait. That is Jessica Lough. I thought you said Law. Well, It sounds like the name of a news reporter. And now the news with Jessica Law. But, I guess it is Now the news with Jessica Lough. It still sounds good." He went on to talk about her on air for about another minute. It was awesome!!!
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So does the rest of our furry family!
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I promised Jess I would to post this yesterday, but unfortunately I worked from 6am to 1:30pm, then from 7pm to 1:30 am. Luckily, I was paid $20 an hour last night, so it made the work worthwhile. In total, I made $160 last night. I totally forgot about posting until today, and then I had to go to my parents house. So, now that I am back, I am happy to post that Jessi arrived safely in Paris and she, Paul and Theo have been exploring the city of lights.

I'm sure she'll have a lot to say on the subject when she gets back. She sends her love to you all.
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Well I suppose it is time to tell you all my BIG NEWS! I have decided to ask the love of my life to marry me.

Frau Nathan, will you take me to be your Herr?

No, but seriously, you all still don't get to know my big news. In other not-so-big news, I have finally been made the manager of the Cafe Rue Vermilion. I have been promised more money, but they still have not given me a figure. Oh well. All I really do now is keep track of inventory and regulate stuff. I have been working on my novel lately and I am pleased at how it is coming along.

I have found the scourge of my, and now Conor and Tomas', life. Age of Empires 2!!!! It is fantastic and the boys and I have been playing it, probably longer than is healthy. I signed up for my classes for Spring semester, and I'm pretty pleased with my schedule. Well, that's that. I guess. Jess is sick right now, but I still love her bunches. Sorry Frau Nathan, I meant to tell you sooner.

I have BIG PLANS tonight, that I will tell you. First I am going to buy junk food. Then Jess and I are going to pig out and stay up all night playing the BRAND NEW Spongebob Squarepants Playstation Game!!! HA HA, suckers!
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Hello I'm Andre. Duuurrrrr duuurrrrrr durrrrrrr. I'm STOOOOOOPID. DURRRR. Duuuur. DUUUUUHHH! I'm SOOOO STOOOOPID I won't ever POST ANYTHING. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DURRRRR!!

How long do you think it'll take him to notice this, boys and girls? Bets, anyone?



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